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What happened so far? 2017 in a nutshell & all public activities over the last years

Let us depict the status quo until the end of 2017 and focus on the more thrilling and present time!

2018 – now

Nothing but facts – HERO innovates, raises awareness & pioneers blockchain and iGaming in Austria and the EU

On the 30th of January 2018 our CEO Paul presented HERO and his experience at the LimeSoda Crypto Meetup starring Hyperledger, Agavon, Ardor Nxt Group, HEROcoin and Donau Uni Krems.

Our ICO ended on the 14 October 2017 and by the 7th of January 2018 all payouts were claimed. Consequently, CoinMarketCap featured HEROcoin stating a total circulating supply of 125mio. $PLAY!

In the beginning of February Paul and Christina visited the ICE Totally Gaming Conference in London, gathering essential contacts and businesspartners which helped us to expend our network a lot!

Just one week later we finished redesigning our platform, which was an important and crucial step in order to set up a back-end infrastructure which supports our, at this time, future blockchain product. reviewed HEROcoin and with the amazing score of 9/10!

Since the 23th of February 2018 we are listed on KuCoin Exchange! We are very happy to have made this decision as KuCoin constantly has proven to be very professional and has fulfilled all our expectations! 

Our CEO Paul sat down with to have a talk about the future of esports and how we bring the blockchain to the game!

As of March 2018 Blockfolio has integrated all of HEROcoin’s ($PLAY) exchanges!

Our CTO Phil was one of the speakers at Skinnovation at two different ski regions with more than 30 speakers.

On the 22nd Match we held our second Blockchain Meet- up which was attended by over 100 guests!

For the first time you could see the ad “ – JUST HODL IT” at the football game Eibar vs Real Madrid!

The iGaming Asia Congress took place from the 13-15 Match 2018 in Grand Hyatt, Macau. CEO Paul could meet with protentional partners and investors and once again made first steps towards an expansion into SEA.

Shortly after that our CFO Bernhard took off to TOKEN2049 which took place in Hong Kong from 20-21 March.

Our CEO Paul was a speaker at the “Vienna Innovation Party” on the 22th of March! Thank you for having us!

The 2nd edition of “the most successful boutique-style gaming event in Prague” was held on the 29th of March 2018″ and our COO Bernhard represented HERO as a speaker!

Thanks FH Oberösterreich Campus Hagenberg for inviting our CFO Bernhard Blaha to speak! He truly enjoyed being back on campus!

Our CEO Paul was part of a great panel discussion, together with the CTO of the Austrian stock exchange, regarding the topic “2 clicks, 2 million – how cryptocurrencies disrupt the financial world”. Thank you for hosting this amazing panel, Junge Industrie! featured HERO in their “Top tech startup news stories you need to know”, next to giants like Facebook, Warner Music Groups, BMW & Daimler AG.

In April DerBrutkasten launched an article, for the first time publicly sharing that HERO is one of about 30 advisors for the crypto addition to Malta’s gambling licenses – Malta Gaming Authority.

On the 6th of April CEO Paul was invited to be part of the DerBrutkasten VIP panel, discussing the potential of blockchain technology and joining in thrilling discussions amongst Bitpanda, Raiffeisenbank and many more, while sharing his expertise and experience.

For the first time the esports team Bold showed up at the Electronic Sports Festival in Vienna, wearing the HERO logo on their chest!

HERO is a GAMECHANGER and that’s why our CEO Paul was one of the speakers at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2018!

Our CEO Paul was part of the panel discussion “Blockchain: Hype or Hope!” at the Bank Symposium Wachau 2018! Next to Erste Bank and Post AG, Paul represented the HERO brand and shared his blockchain expertise.

In May 2018 CFO Bernhard Blaha went over the 2nd draft of Maltas crypto license draft “Guidance on the use of distributed ledger technology and the acceptance of virtual currencies through the implementation of a sandbox environment”- The MGA included almost all of our initial feedback!

HEROcoin and our use case were presented at the eSports Meetup #2 in Vienna, which was held at the A1 headquarters.

You buy Bitcoin, HEROcoin or similar coins like gold.” Claus Raidl, the President of the Austrian National Bank (ÖNB) mentioned HEROcoin in an interview with Trendingtopics!

The second HERO ad at a football game was shown during the game Levante UD vs. FC Barcelona on Sunday, 13.05!

The third HERO blockchain meet-up took place on the 25.06.2018!

Cointelegraph published an article about HEROcoin and, showing the world how our esports platform launched peer-to-peer betting as a we consult Malta’s government.

Paul was interviewed by Startup Valley about Blockchain, HERO and coins/token.

In May we also were in Korea and had the pleasure to meet awesome people from Coupang, the biggest online retailer in South Korea! Thanks for having us and giving us some awesome insides on the Korean market.

CEO Paul spoke at the Blockchain Austria kick-off event, joining as an expert on stage. Corporates, developers and experts from various fields of interest will discuss a decentralized future and global opportunities based on blockchain technologies.

Former Head of Communications, Christina, was a speaker at the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2018 conference in Vienna!

Steven from TechMagnet talked about cryptocurrencies and HERO, while our CTO Philip Peinsold answered questions about the future of cryptocurrencies and HEROcoin!

HEROcoin closed beta on started beginning of June! This was the beginning of a great and dedicated closed community which essentially helped us to reach the state of art we proudly present to the world today!

“All of them change the world.” Our HERO CFO Bernhard Blaha is one of Forbes’ 30under30

HEROcoin was featured in in the EGR Report 2018, which allowed us to reach great masses and had important impact on our business.

Michael Altrichter, one of the best-known business angels in Austria published a dedicated video talking about the reasons why he invested in HERO!

Our friends from Decamp Gaming visited us in our office at weXelerate! Thank you very much for having us and for shooting a video about our business!

We interviewed Miss Rage what it is like to be a female streamer and how she got into gaming. Thank you very much for having us, Julia!

In August we had more than 1100 participants in one of our 2018 League of Legends Korea Summer contests on!

We are incredibly proud that our CEO Paul was a speaker at the ChainXchange conference in Las Vegas! What an honor to be alongside Steve Wozniak, Gary Vaynerchuk, Molly Bloom and common.

Since August we are utterly proud about the launch of our secure & user-friendly platform integrated crypto wallet solution for our first use case!

Our thread reached over 100 pages for the first time! interviewed CEO Paul, who elaborated how HERO is going to become the number one solution for cryptocurrency online betting.

The 4th and last HERO blockchain meet-up for 2018 took place on September 27th and was a great success. As always it was a pleasure to meet all our supporters and enthusiasts!

Our CEO Paul was part of the panel discussion about cryptocurrencies at the RBI HQ. Thank you very much for having is, Raiffeisen Bank!

Our CFO Bernhard Blaha attended a panel discussion at the ESI London hosted by Esports Insider during September at Olympia London.

In November our CEO Paul was on stage at the world leaders conference in Vienna!

CEO Paul participated at a panel discussion about the future of blockchain at the Business Maniacs ’18 in the Viennese Congress Center Messe Wien.

CEO Paul was part of the panel discussion about blockchain and cryptocurrencies at the PWC ADV conference 2018. Thank you very much PwC Karriere for having us.

The Crypto Skills Academy visited our office at weXelerate . Our CEO Paul spoke about HEROcoin, our Blockchain use case and the crypto world. Thank you very much for having us, guys!

As HERO was approaching mainnet, we implemented a new betting mode: Series Contests! Since then you can bet on a single confrontation (Best of 5/3/2/1) and choose your favorite fantasy player!

The first MAINNET contest went live on on the 28th of October and everyone who signed up for the closed beta has access to participate in the first real blockchain contest on! This made us one of the first post ICO projects who actually delivered what they promised.

Since November 2018 we are partnered with CoinSwitch and since then you can directly switch any cryptocurrency directly to $PLAY!

DerBrutkasten interviewed our founders Paul, Bernhard and Philip about our Mainnet launch, the learnings and the future!

HERO is nominated as one of the TOP3 Blockchain startups for the futurezone Award 2018!

Our CFO Bernhard Blaha became one of the co-founders of the new Digital Asset Association Austria (DAAA), which promotes and supports the development of digital assets in Austria.

In November HERO attended the Weltmarktführerkongress (Congress of world leaders) and Christina gave insights on HERO, the blockchain and ICOs. Thank you very much for this amazing event!

As of the beginning of 2019 we are honored and happy to announce that out of over 1.000 startups from nine countries and four continents, we have been chosen to participate in the 360 Lab accelerator program! For both HEROcoin & this is a huge opportunity, as the deal includes € 100,000 of growth capital and moreover access to 47 global test markets with over 10 million users

In January 2019 the value of bets placed on have exceeded 1 000 000 HEROcoin ($PLAY)! Keeping in mind that we brought our platform to the Ethereum blockchain only three months before, this number was astonishing.

Since the end of February we are excited being finally able to break the silence about HERO & proudly partnering up with Dash. As one of the leading peer-to-peer electronic cash provider meets the availability of an integration in a different environment, the HERO brand is thrilled to welcome the growing Dash community into the herosphere.

CEO Paul was speaking at the 0100 Conferences on the 14th of March. Thank you for having us!

CEO Paul and CFO Bernhard were at the Wolves Summit by Wolves Gate in Warsaw.

We received the #BornGlobalChampion Award from AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA at the 4GAMECHANGERS festival 2019! What an honor!

CEO Paul was live at as he is announcing our new strategic partnership with Max Tertinegg from Coinfinity! As of this point $PLAY is accessible in over 4,000 physical points of sale all around Austria!

Our CEO Paul shared his experience today at the 12th Austrian Gaming & Betting Conference besides Arthur Stadler, Oliver Völkel (Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte), Andreas Pfeil and Lorenz Marek. 
The discussed topics were all about esports, blockchain, data privacy and prevention of money laundering.