In order to use the services on our platform, you will need to acquire PLAY tokens. Our tokens can be purchased from the following exchanges.

Important Notice

Details of the Exchanges are given solely for the purchase of tokens in order for them to be used as a utility on the platform or any 3rd Party utilizing the PLAY tokens. The information on the exchanges is not provided in order for PLAY tokens to be purchased and/or sold for speculative purposes whatsoever.


Paul Polterauer

Co-Founder & CEO

Before he founded herosphere with a current user base of more than 200k users, Paul has worked at PwC Advisory for Corporate Finance, M&A and Deals. At PwC he worked on one of the largest deals in Austria at this time and projects like the asset quality review for the European Central Bank’s stress tests. He studied business administration in Austria, Hong Kong and Hawaii. Passionate soccer, tennis and Star Craft II player.

Philip Peinsold

Co-Founder & CTO

Philip is one of the founders of herosphere and as CTO responsible for the technical background of the start-up. Before that, he worked as Software Developer and Project Manager in the field of eHealth. He studied eHealth at the university of applied science in Austria. He was a semi-professional volleyball player and early adopter of Dota.

Bernhard Blaha

Co-Founder & CFO

Having founded two companies before, both of which are still running, he knows how start-ups work. He not only brings economic expertise but also technical knowledge into the company. Bernhard has studied Mobile Compu-ting followed by Executive Management. He also claims to have introduced the daily table tennis challenge to the team, but nobody knows for sure.

Christina Roth

Head of Communications

After two business degrees, one at Barcelona School of Management, she started her career at Red Bull. Before leaving to engage with Blockchain projects, she was responsible for Project Management at Red Bull Media House with a focus on the digital transformation of brands, departments & processes. What started purely out of curiosity soon became a profession. As Head of Communications for HERO she is now managing the team & topics for all internal & external matters such as content, social media, blog & newsletter, PR, community & customer relations, events, website and cooperations for both brands.

Johannes Mahler

Chief Marketing Officer

Joe previously built a global community in 40+ countries with more than 20,000 people joining their online courses at Comfort Zone Crusher. He is the CEO of Triggin and Marketing Advisor for mahler ARTHA. Loving everything marketing related, he has experience in Content-, Email-, Affiliate-, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Copywriting and Branding.

Vladan Vasic

Chief Information Officer

Living the entrepreneurial lifestyle, Vladan has founded numerous companies starting in 2001 with his Online Multiplayer Gaming Community with over 1 Million active users per month up to his latest being snixx -Web and Marketing Agency and KidCo – innovative Clothing Company. He is a passionate full stack web-developer with over 14 years of experience in development, marketing and SEO.

Andreas Petersson

Lead Blockchain Developer

Andreas has a background in enterprise software development and is active in the Bitcoin industry since 2011, where he co-founded Bitcoin Austria. Between 2012 and 2015 he worked for Mycelium, where he developed the Mycelium Wallet, which successfully secured the funds of 250000 people. He then founded Minebox, a company that enables decentralized storage secured by smart contracts. He advises Bitpanda, a popular Bitcoin broker on security.

Vladimir Garbeshkov

Marketing Manager esports

Vladimir is an early adopter of cryptocurrencies & fascinated by blockchain technologies. He also is a former professional esports athlete who performed in CS:GO, one of the world’s most competitive esport titles, parallel to his business economics studies at wu vienna (university of economics and business). Currently he brings both his esports and crypto expertise together. As a marketing manager Vladimir is responsible for performance & influencer relations for the HERO brand. Additionally he takes an active role in strategic decisions for the esports platform as a product owner.

Philipp Haas

Content Marketing Manager

Philipp Haas, BA, started his own business (changing the way businesses cooperate) in early 2017. By chance he met members of HERO and it was love at first sight. As an esports fan (WoW, LOL, Hearthstone, …) and interested in new technologies (e.g.: Blockchain) he is creating content for all the social media profiles and bringing up ideas what can be done to spread the word about HERO. Phil is thrilled to be part of such a heroic team, which is passionate and open minded at the same time.
“If you place your bets, HERO should be definitely the choice to make!” – everyone who knows HERO

Michael Dunkl

Data Analyst

Michael’s goal has always been to acquire a particularly broad knowledge spectrum in the fields of technology and economics. After attending a higher technical school for company management, he finished multiple studies in business and economics. Additionally he gained work experience in pharma, IT, construction, banking, food retailing and scientific research. Furthermore he is an expert in the areas of technical process management and consumer research. At HERO he is responsible for all topics regarding data analysis and KPI strategy.

Gabriel Brenner

UX/UI Designer

Gabriel completed his Bachelor of Arts in Newcastle UK and with flexibility in mind, he dived into concept art freelancing. His focus was illustrative artwork, commonly for the mobile games sector. Alongside, he dabbled in digital animation at the Amazing Group in England and VerVieVas in Austria. With his growing interest in game user interfaces he now works at byte heroes in Vienna as the UX/UI Designer responsible for the igaming platform

Abel Oszwald

Full-Stack Developer

Already during his mathematical programming, mechatronics and finance studies at Eötvös Loránd University Abel has started to work in leading tech projects like Asiainfo. In addition to programming, he also mastered knowledge in system administrations and learnt a lot from other linux guru’s during past times. Building up knowledge from the basics like web development to higher levels like backend development, python, java, c++, he is now working for HERO as a Full Stack developer since the beginning of 2018 but never stops reading & learning about new trends.

Alexander Kröll

Full-stack Developer (Blockchain)

Alexander started out as a mobile developer already during his studies at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, then went on to be the Android lead developer for Flipsidegroup and later RecordBird. Meanwhile Alexander took on several projects with early stage Startups and got his hands dirty with full-stack development. He discovered Ethereum in 2016 and has been interested in smart contracts ever since. In December 2017 Alexander found his latest challenge as Full Stack Blockchain developer at HERO.

Sejla Dedukic

Operations Manager

Sejla is on the finish line of her Bachelor of Arts in IT-Project management. Initially Sejla started as the Operations manager with additional responsibilities in the Accounting team. After 2 successful years she switched departments and is now in the Project management team and supporting the development team to set up an agile environment to improve software delivery.


Roland Tauchner

President of BaseTech Ventures and CEO of DIMOCO Europe

Founder and also Member of the Board of DIMOCO Europe.

Johannes Siller

Founder of Ebit

Business Angel and founder of Ebit.

Rainer Reich

Former senior partner at The Boston Consulting Group

Business Angel and former senior partner at The Boston Consulting Group.

Alexander Kuchar

Director at Telekom Austria Group

Director Group Procurement Telekom Austria Group and former CTO of the bulgarian subsidary of Telekom Austria Group.

Bernhard Lehner

Co-Founder of startup300

is co-founder of the business angel network startup300. He is a serial entrepreneur and (co-) startet 10+ companies in the last 10 years. He was business angel at runtastic.

Gerald Hollaus

Former head of logistics at OMV

Lecturer at FH Wien / Vienna and former head of int. logistics at OMV.

Michael Eisler

CEO & Co-Founder of startup300

Austrias most active business angel network. He successfully sold his company DIG AG and spent several years in Los Angeles and San Francisco working on his startup as well as Roman Scharf´s Talenthouse

Hubertus Thonhauser

Co-Founder of Babil Games and former CEO of Casinos Austria

Managing Partner of Enable Future, Co-Founder of Babil Games and and former CEO of Casinos Austria Swiss.

Michael Altrichter

Co-Founder of Paysafecard and Payolution

Business Angel and Co-Founder of paysafecard and payolution, , Chairman of the advisory board at starup300 AG and Jury Member at “2 Minuten 2 Millionen”, Austria´s Shark Tank investment show.
 Also investor of Hitbox


Stefan Fleig

Co-Founder of TableConnect and Shpock

Serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder of TableConnect previously Co-Founder of Shpock

Erwin Smole

Co-Founder of Grid Singularity and Energy Web Foundation

working now in the Blockchain and Energy Sector.

Ken Shishido

Co-Organizer Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup Group

Co-Organizer Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup Group

Bernd Winter

Partner for tax consulting at BDO

Partner for tax consulting at BDO. Focus on gambling and betting.

Oliver Völkel

Partner at SVLAW

Partner at SVLAW. Specialized on virtual and crypto currencies.

Thomas Talos

Partner at Brandl & Talos

Partner at Brandl & Talos. Specialized in M&A transactions and online gaming

Max Tertinegg

Co-founder of Coinfinity and Blockchainhub Graz.

Co-founder of Coinfinity and Blockchainhubhub Graz.

Christian Dressler

Co-Founder bitTex

Co-Founder bitTex TI Solutions, previously worked for Swiss Blockchain Services

Günther Doppler

Former CFO Kalixa Payment and bwin

Management consulting and former CFO of Kalixa Payment and bwin Interactive Entertainment AG.