In order to use the services on our platform, you will need to acquire PLAY tokens. Our tokens can be purchased from the following exchanges.

Important Notice

Details of the Exchanges are given solely for the purchase of tokens in order for them to be used as a utility on the platform or any 3rd Party utilizing the PLAY tokens. The information on the exchanges is not provided in order for PLAY tokens to be purchased and/or sold for speculative purposes whatsoever.

The first use case of HEROcoin and furthermore a showcase of a successful cryptocurrency product! Moreover, a post ICO project which has delivered a working product!

Since the BETA launch of we have been steadily enhancing the experience with blockchain usability and UX, upgrading our platform in many different ways. Constantly improving the contest handling, complex back-end infrastructure and dealing with bugs. We proudly present what we have achieved until now & what awaits YOU!


Blockchain technology adoption is steadily rising, although overall awareness, trust and confidence have still not nearly reached mainstream dimensions. One of HEROs highest priorities is educating the users throughout the onboarding process. A user must not have any prior experience or knowledge with cryptocurrencies to easily understand how works. Every screen supports the user with both general and in-depth information.


Early cryptocurrency adopters and people who are active in the industry are used to go through exchanges in order to get their tokens. We want to offer enhanced user experience; thus, we implemented a convenient method directly on, which allows people to buy HEROcoin.

The on-platform wallet creation process has been challenged, broken down and restructured many times by our UX specialists, again ensuring that users with no prior experience will understand why they need a cryptocurrency wallet and moreover how to keep their funds save.

Contest handling

Contest depiction heavily focuses on the game, teams competing against each other and the contest itself. The most important information for a user who wants to participate in esports fantasy and prediction gaming is shown right away. The best blockchain adaption and user experience is achieved in case the user does not even recognize that there is blockchain technology underlying and powering the offered service.

Who doesn’t like winning, right?