In order to use the services on our platform, you will need to acquire PLAY tokens. Our tokens can be purchased from the following exchanges.

Important Notice

Details of the Exchanges are given solely for the purchase of tokens in order for them to be used as a utility on the platform or any 3rd Party utilizing the PLAY tokens. The information on the exchanges is not provided in order for PLAY tokens to be purchased and/or sold for speculative purposes whatsoever.

HEROcoin Value Proposition


Operating under the highest security standards is taken for granted by consumers throughout the internet. HERO does not take anything for granted but rather innovates the state of the art within the igaming industry. Our fully automated decentral ecosystem actively fights against excessive risks such as exploration of user data, prohibitive legal regulations, vulnerability to manipulation or denial of withdraws.


The HERO network enables every user to be in full control of his own funds. The ecosystem is built to enable independent activities and actions at the free will of every participant. Consequently, neither prediction placements nor withdraws are bound to labor, working hours, manual handling of transactions or human mistakes.  


There is no bookmaker involved but the system runs the bets. HERO at the same time creates a transparent network, allowing a natural expansion by its own community. It is designed so that not only their own platform, but existing providers can implement HERO and emerging ones can build their systems on the HERO network and community.

Revenue Stream

Thanks to the decentralized ERC20 token, HEROcoin is much more than just a currency for gambling. 1% of all pots played is given back to all token holders. Additionally, anyone who creates contests for the community or a closed group is being rewarded. This means great profit possibilities for every single user.