In order to use the services on our platform, you will need to acquire PLAY tokens. Our tokens can be purchased from the following exchanges.

Important Notice

Details of the Exchanges are given solely for the purchase of tokens in order for them to be used as a utility on the platform or any 3rd Party utilizing the PLAY tokens. The information on the exchanges is not provided in order for PLAY tokens to be purchased and/or sold for speculative purposes whatsoever.


  • What is all this talk about integrity and compliance?

    Betting, gambling and also prediction games sometimes bear the risk of getting people addicted and spending all of their money on it. Therefore there are laws in place to prevent excessive gaming, minors gaming and other dangerous things. We think that’s good and important!

    Prediction games should always be about having fun with friends. That’s what they are meant to be. As soon as people show unhealthy behaviour they need to be protected and that’s why we have all this integrity and compliance talk in our whitepaper, ToS and everywhere else.

    It’s important. For you.

  • Can other businesses within the betting community use HERO as a method of payment, etc?

    Yes, and we encourage and support them to do it! HERO is not our token, it is YOUR token. And the more people use it, the better it gets for everyone. We will actively approach other companies to implement HERO in their platforms.

  • How do I store my HEROcoin? Are there any best practices to follow?

    MyEtherWallet works well, we also recommend hardware wallets such as the Trezor. As long as your wallet supports ERC20 tokens you’ll be able to hold tokens with it, but in order to register for the presale we will also provide instructions on how to do this if you don’t already have a wallet

  • Will the anonymous and decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies allow users to bypass betting laws?

    No, at least not for We work together with governments and lawyers in order to ensure we fully comply with all local laws. We can not, however, guarantee that other platforms that implement HERO will also do that, although we encourage everybody to the best of our abilities to do so.

  • Is it legal to bet on a game using Hero?

    Absolutely! We are working with the very best lawyers on what is legal and how it complies with local law.

  • For who will this platform be made available? What countries are you primarily focusing on?
    • All of you! This is why we love the blockchain, it makes global interaction easy. HOWEVER, in some of the countries there are legal restrictions that we have to comply with. We are always working to find ways to offer in as many countries as we can.
  • When is this platform supposed to be ready for use?

    While the product itself is finished and live already, implementing HERO is a complex task and we take great security measures. Our BETA phase is live since 20.06.2018, after three cycles we are opening our BETA to the public and HEROcoin can be used on

  • Will I be able to trade my Hero Token (HERO) on Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

    Yes! We are currently listed on KuCoin and Coinbene which are extremely user friendly, supported by a healthy trading volume. Our focus now lies on developing the product and striving towards perfection in order to offer the best experience to our users.

  • How many users does have?

    Our platform has over 250.000 registered users from all around the love, who love to compete against each other on

  • How are you different than the competition? They are gaming and esports oriented Cryptotokens as well.

    You are probably thinking of one of two other crypto-related companies:

    • FirstBlood is very different from us and it’s easy to explain why: FirstBlood wants to build a competition platform where users compete against each other. is an already established platform where users can predict the outcome of professional players playing tournaments.
    • Unikrn introduced an esports platform built on the blockchain. They are what we said we never want to be: A conventional bookmaker where you compete against the company, Unikrn, while at you can challenge your friends or any community and compete against each other, not against as a company
  • Hero has raised money in traditional investment rounds from various well known investors. Why are you doing a token sale?

    For us it was just the next logical step:

    We have a working platform with playing users and we want to bring real value into it. Gamers love crypto and crypto loves gamers, so we’ve got that going for us. Blockchain technologies enable us to live in a secure, transparent, fair and incorruptible society. Transactions are much cheaper than common transactions, a smart contract solution allows us to lower the operating costs of our platform, therefore we can offer you a more convenient and economical product.

    Moreover, the blockchain benefits every participant with trustless trust, making resistant to game-related manipulations. Especially on a platform where people compete for money, we think transparency is the most important thing of all! And we want to give you transparency, all o fit. We could write pages over pages here, but we think it is just a perfect fit. For all the details read our whitepaper.

  • Explain HEROcoin and and how they work together.

    TLDR: HEROcoin is a decentralized ERC20 token, meaning that the smart contract operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The first use case of HEROcoin is, an online esports peer-to-peer prediction and fantasy gaming platform.

    Long: is a revolutionizing online peer-to-peer platform, which focuses exclusively on esports. You compete in a social ecosystem which allows you to play against your friends, or the whole community in a private or public contest. Offering prediction and fantasy gaming, combines various entertaining and competition factors in order to offer every user the best experience. HEROcoin is the underlying cryptocurrency behind the social betting ecosystem, making it secure, incorruptible, fast and a transparent platform for every stakeholder. Alternatively, you can participate in contest for free, gathering the free-to-play currency spheres and claim awesome prices from the shop, featuring peripherals, goodies, in-game cosmetics, vouchers and many more.