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Greentube / Novomatic Interactive acquired esports platform provider HERO!

Corporate Integration phase has started, public Roadmap update to be released in Q2 2021

Leading iGaming operator moves into esports and blockchain tech using HERO


The Challenge

The online betting industry has suffered from a lack of innovation for years. Over time, player conditions constantly worsened: Fees have increased, odds are in favour of the bookmaker and regularly winning players are banned.

With traditional betting “the house always wins”.

Unfair conditions

Odds are created by experts based on tons of exclusive data undisclosed to the public.

Lacking Transparency and Trust

Centralized authorities control the payouts resulting in lacking transparency of the money flow.

No Social Dynamics

Social dynamics are lost as interfering middleman prevent direct peer to peer interaction.

What is Hero?

HERO radically changes todays centralized way of online betting. The token and its smart contract allow decentralized peer-to-peer online betting in any field.

HEROcoin (an ERC20 token) is designed so that any provider can integrate the token on their platform and any participant can create its own (closed) contests.
All transactions are transparent and the smart contract automatically performs actions such as pay-outs to guarantee a trustless ecosystem.

Breaking the traditional “the house always wins” paradigm.

With HERO the community always wins.

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How Hero Works

The HERO ecosystem consists of game creators and players. Everyone is able to participate by simply joining or creating games. The whole community benefits from a growing activity as every HERO token holder is ensured to receive a general reward of all played games. Additionally, those who take the effort to create games receive a provider reward.

So who gets what?

Token Holders

All token holders are guaranteed a general reward out of all distributed prize pools.


Game winner receive their respective part of the prize pool.

Game Creators

Game creators are rewarded for their effort to create and manage games.


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